Can I Get a “Takes-away, Large, Double-shot, Decaf, Three Quarter Soy Milk, Extra Hot Flat White Coffee with 3 Sugars” Please?!

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Over-customisation? Sounds familiar? Surely it’s one of the most common architectural anti-patterns.

I have seen too many smart project teams who start with the notion of “achieve the must-haves and quick-wins first“, only to find themselves falling into the trap of over-customisation in the middle of the project and by the time they realise it it’s probably too late to roll back or course-correct.

In case of an OOTB (Out Of The Box), it’s likely because the product they’ve chosen has not been the “fit for purpose” for the requirements, … Read More

Impossible to Accurately Estimate the Effort for IT Projects?

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Estimate Cartoon

I remember I read an article a while ago about the difference between Construction Projects and IT Projects. The similarities are obvious: in both projects it starts with a concept, then comes planning followed by design and drawing the blue print (using CAD is construction, UML in IT for example), detailed design, implementation, test and delivery.

But there’s a catch! There’s a fundamental difference between two industries – the best analogy I’ve come across (and I don’t remember where I read it so unable to mention the source here unfortunately) … Read More

Risk Manage the Saturday Night Meal!

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Risk Manage Saturday Night Meal

You are having a bunch of friends coming to your place on Saturday night. You’ve decided to cook for them; on the menu there’s French Onion Soup followed by Slow-roasted Lamb Shoulder, finished with Crème Brulee. Although you consider yourself a good cook you’ve never prepared any of these before!

Now what would you do? Download the recipes from the internet, buy the ingredients from the local store and follow the instructions on the morning of Saturday? Sounds too risky huh? There’s a great chance this will lead to … Read More