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Integration Opportunities Report

Get the full report of your integration opportunities for $1,499!

Our integration architects will analyse your IT ecosystem and provide you with a comprehensive report so you can make an informed decision about your opportunities to significantly improve your business capabilities while minimising the cost-of-ownership.

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System Integration Services

At Integture we’ve helped various organisations in Australia with their complex integration projects.

We analyse the integration requirements from Process, People & Technology perspectives and design the best system integration solution.

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Integration Services

What is System Integration (SI)?

System Integration is linking two or more business systems such as ERP, CRM, Accounting etc. to act as a coordinated whole. The right systems integration not only integrates the data between systems, but also the functions, processes and people.

The main pitfall of many integration projects is they solely focus on “technical” integration and overlook the importance of processes and people. More often than not, the full potential of the integrated systems are not realised and in cases the whole integration project fails.

Systems being integrated can be hosted in-house, externally, in the cloud or a combination of these. In the simplest form, the systems can be integrated P2P (Point to Point) which is usually the least expensive to implement but at the same time the most expensive to maintain and expand (high TCO). Picture an organisation running 20 systems and imagine how many lines need to be drawn to connect those applications, assuming a number of those systems would connect to more than one system.

Other types are integration via Middleware (aka Service Bus), Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) amongst others. Each method has its pros and cons and there’s no “one size fits all”!

How We Can Help

At Integture we’ve helped various organisations in Australia to make the right decision when it comes to integrating their systems by asking the right questions, thoroughly analysing their objectives, capabilities and off course budget.

The outcome is a recommendation in the form of a comprehensive document (read more here What is SAD! ).

The next step is to implement the recommended approach. From here we can help in two ways:

1. Our resources will implement the solution; Or

2. If the client decides to implement it in-house or outsource to a third party, we can oversee the delivery from the solution perspective, making sure the outcome conforms to the agreed solution design.

We have developed a Service Delivery Framework which is customisable and scalable, working like a well-oiled-machine and can be implemented and tailored to serve virtually any organisation regardless of the industry and size.

1. We seek to understand the objectives, requirements and success criteria;

2. We analyse the existing eco-system, capabilities, processes, limitations and budget;

3. We design the solution and deliver relevant artefacts;

4. We then either build or manage the implementation process, including testing and deployment, making sure it marries up with the agreed solution design;

5. We make sure the solution is adopted by all stakeholders; this includes training, change management and transition to production support.

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