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Cloud Training

Why Cloud Training?

Cloud Computing is not a new architecture but in recent years it has gained an unprecedented popularity and adoption by companies. What are the key business drivers for cloud computing as opposed to On-premise hosting model?

The short answer is Cost of Ownership, Availability and Scalability. Organizations no longer need to heavily invest in IT infrastructure to be able to enjoy a robust, highly available and scalable platform. Pay-as-you-go infrastructure services are becoming a norm for companies and even government organizations with highly sensitive information are becoming a client of cloud.

Cloud platform providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure have changed the game and no wonder companies rely on highly skilled cloud professionals more than ever.

For years we have trained Australian IT professionals in Cloud Computing and made them ready for challenging yet highly rewarding cloud careers. You not only get professionally trained but also you’ll get recognition from one of the most respected cloud certifier in the world, paving your way for even more successful job prospects.

Cloud professionals are amongst the highest paid individuals in IT industry today.

Ready to take the challenge and get rewarded for it?
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A Certified Cloud Professional has mastered the fundamental topic areas pertaining to cloud computing and has met minimum CCP qualifications by demonstrating proficiency in at least one additional area.

A Certified Cloud Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the technology architecture that underlies cloud platforms and cloud-based IT resources and solutions, and has mastered the hands-on application of design patterns, principles, and practices used to engineer and evolve such environments.

A Certified Cloud Trainer has completed at least one specialized certification with honors, has demonstrated exceptional communication abilities, and has sufficient hands-on project experience to meet the qualifications required to teach CCP courses.

Cloud Training


Our workshops package includes:
  • Instructor-led classes with Case Studies, Exam Tips, Q&As and Group Discussions
  • Self Study Kits
  • Complementary Prometric Exam Vouchers
  • Catering (Breakfast / Morning Coffee / Lunch / Afternoon Snack)
Self-Study Kits

Fundamental Cloud Computing (Exam C90.01)
The materials explore fundamental terminology, concepts, characteristics and models pertaining to modern cloud computing platforms and cloud-based services, along with business metrics and coverage of SLAs.

Cloud Technology Concepts (Exam C90.02)
The materials cover a range of topics related to cloud computing mechanisms, cloud security threats and controls, and essential cloud technologies. Also addressed are testing, cloud storage, industry standards, and emerging technology trends.

Fundamental Cloud Architecture (Exam C90.04)
The technology architecture topics focus on cloud platforms and cloud-based solutions and services, explored via range of mechanisms, design patterns and technologies.