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About Integture

Integture (pronounced 'integ-cher', short for INTEGration architecTURE) is a Sydney-based company delivering Architecture and Integration consulting services to various industries in Australia, including Telecom, Aviation, Healthcare, Government and Public Sector, Transportation and Property.

Our core value is providing objective and technology-agnostic architecture consulting services to Australian companies, helping them to integrate their systems to maximise the ROI (Return On Investment) while minimising the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

To further support our clients, we have developed a best-of-breed Software Estimation Tool on the cloud, ArciFrame.

We are also specialised in IT Training, having partnership with one the most successful and industry-recognised vendor-neutral education companies Arcitura (owning SOA School and Cloud School).
We are driven to help individuals and companies to get world class training and certifications in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud Computing.

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